It’s not Location, Location, Location.
It’s Location, Timing and Staying Power.

-Alan Ojeda, Owner & CEO

Artisans of Buildings

Our Mission

Founded in 1981, Rilea Group has been at the forefront of Miami’s real estate development landscape, leaving an indelible mark through iconic buildings like J.P. Morgan’s headquarters at 1450 Brickell. With a legacy spanning over four decades, our mission is unwavering: to be a beacon of innovation, progress, and community enrichment in the world of real estate development.

At Rilea Group, we take immense pride in our ability to create enduring value for our stakeholders. Our commitment to excellence is evident through the thousands of jobs we’ve generated via construction, property management, and our thriving retail ventures. With a track record encompassing 10,000,000 rentable square feet, we’ve redefined urban living and working spaces, setting new standards for quality and sustainability.

Our global reach extends to investors in over a dozen countries, a testament to our dedication to fostering international partnerships. We recognize that our success is interwoven with the prosperity of the communities we serve. Therefore, we pledge to continue our tradition of responsible development, prioritizing the well-being of our neighbors, and the preservation of the environment.

At Rilea Group, we are more than developers; we are community builders, job creators, and global collaborators. Our enduring mission is to shape urban landscapes, enrich lives, provide financial return for our partners and leave a lasting legacy of excellence in real estate development.